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Uninstall anydesk powershell

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AnyDesk Silent Uninstall (PowerShell) · Open Windows PowerShell by Right-Clicking on Windows PowerShell and selecting Run as Administrator · Change the directory. Open Windows PowerShell by Right-Clicking on Windows PowerShell and selecting Run as Administrator · Change the directory to “C:\Downloads\Uninstall-AnyDesk“. PS.


Uninstall Teamviewer and Andesk Script – Alerts and Toolboxes – SimpleHelp Community


The following commands can be entered in the Windows command line or can be used in a script in order to automate parts of AnyDesk. It is important to run these commands in the correct path AnyDesk is located in or to specify the correct path manually.

By default, standard AnyDesk clients from anydesk. For custom clients created from my. It is randomly generated and unique for each account. These commands are used when installing or updating AnyDesk through the command-line interface in the form:.

These commands can be used to interact with the AnyDesk client through the command-line interface or scripts. By default, all permissions are disabled. A connection can be established through the command-line interface. When requesting a connection through the command line, several parameters can be appended. See Optional Connection Command Parameters for additional parameters. Back to home. Getting Started.

Other Platforms. This is needed to be able to connect after restarting the system. Command Description anydesk. Parameter Description –uninstall Uninstall AnyDesk with prompts. Requires administrative privileges. Please note that preset passwords from custom clients cannot be removed.

Needs to be run in a script. This parameter only works on custom clients with the disclaimer enabled. Installation Commands. Client Commands. Permission Profile Commands. Connection Commands. Automatically start AnyDesk with Windows.

Create a link on the desktop for AnyDesk. Remove the current AnyDesk installation before installing the new one. Do not start AnyDesk after installation and do not display error message boxes during installation. Update AnyDesk manually Default for custom clients. Disable automatic update of AnyDesk. Update AnyDesk automatically Default for standard clients, not available for custom clients. See Client Command Parameters. Register the specified license key. Uninstall AnyDesk without notice silent uninstall.

Remove the unattended access password. Return the AnyDesk-Alias. Return the AnyDesk-ID. Return the client’s online status. Return the current AnyDesk client version. Open the specified global settings page. Show the customized disclaimer. See above for more information on how to set up permissions for this profile. AnyDesk will request a connection to the specified client. AnyDesk will send a connection request to the specified client with the entered password. AnyDesk will start an interactive session in a plain window without borders or menu points.


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