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It is an exciting adventure to go with your child and do a little bit of fun and activity with them, so why not try a tricycle ride with children? I was thinking of doing this today, my son has just turned four years old, he’s not that old yet to ride his own tricycle, but we have been talking about it for weeks.

We started with the younger kids, he could barely hold on to it! I was so glad I got him the safety equipment and helmet for him, he was only going to go to school with me, so now I have his very own set of bike and we went for a couple of runs, he was getting all excited, until he fell off. I knew it was only going to get worse, I told him, so I got myself another seat and told him to hold on to his tricycle.

It was such a great idea, I mean he had no idea what was going on, the second time he slipped and fell off, he started screaming, he was so excited I had to take him to the hospital. We did more than enough, and when we came home we were both so tired and frustrated, we would not even walk fast!

The third time was much better, the first kid kept pushing him and I could see a look of desperation in his eyes, and I knew he wanted to get back on the tricycle, that was why he was so excited. He looked really scared of heights, so I let him. When he went down, he could hardly walk, but he kept his head and looked up. I told him to relax, that this would be a lot of fun for him, and he would learn so many things about himself. Visit here for more information about tricycle electric.

He fell, and as he kept falling he was getting all excited again, then he fell even harder and fell straight into the road. Of course we saw that he was in an accident, he had some bruises, I asked him what he thought he had broken, because I was in shock. And he said nothing!

So when you decide that maybe you want to take your kid with you on a tricycle ride with kids, take it slow, it is so exciting for kids but it is also dangerous too. It will help them develop so many skills for the future.

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