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A leading company providing a wide range of services to all industries, one of the more interesting aspects of their business is their mentoring programme. “SMART training solutions are designed to give our clients the edge on automotive technology, cutting-edge technology and workforce management,” says David Palmer. “SMART Trainings offers mentoring, coaching, classes and one-on-one attention for candidates seeking advancement within the automotive industry.” The company also offers career progression programmes for their trainees.

“SMART training solutions enable you to get your hands on real life knowledge from leading industry experts, expediting your progression in the motorcycling industry,” continues Mr Palmer. “We help our customers in designing appropriate plans for their companies and developing suitable biding plans to Government registration, selling companies, creating new companies and applying online portfolio systems to aid delivery of apprentice programmes.” Our dedicated customer base consists of the Police, Fire and Rescue Service, Charities, the Home Office and the Motorcycle Industry Association. Our courses have never been so popular, and with so many new people joining the motorcycling world each year, our courses are still consistently top-of-the-range.” Joining a quality training provider will ensure that you receive the most comprehensive training in motorcycle theory and application, allowing you to progress through to a recognised supervising position.

Another area in which SMART training solutions can assist you is your role as a motorcycle supervisor or trainer. Many of the advanced job roles in the motorbike industry require knowledge of specific job roles, processes and employee roles. This knowledge is not taught as part of general safety awareness training in most workplaces. Effective and relevant smart training programs allow you to take full advantage of your knowledge to effectively lead employees through these steps.

There are some advanced positions requiring advanced knowledge of motorcycle mechanics, component care and component installation. Again, the knowledge needed in these positions can be acquired and reviewed through SMART programs. Through continued professional development, these skills can be improved. A further benefit of smart training solutions is that they are flexible and will deliver a tailored experience, meeting the needs of the individual employer. Let us know more information about SMART Training Solutions.

In addition to your professional development, you can also expect continued support throughout your employment. Employees who enjoy their employment are more likely to stay longer and increase their benefits package, meaning that your investment in SMART training solutions will be fully returned through higher profits and happier staff. It is important that any company in an advanced technological industry incorporates SMART into its activities to maintain competitiveness and to remain at the cutting edge of the technology industry. The value of the SMART solution is evident when companies incorporate these into their business strategy to ensure they remain ahead of competitors and ultimately achieve success.

SMART training solutions offer your motorcycle shop a competitive advantage. In order for your business to compete, you need to have a well-trained and motivated workforce. SMART solutions help to support your personnel and provide additional opportunities for them to advance their learning and develop new skills and trade specific skills. These are all opportunities for your business to move forward and stay ahead of the competition. SMART training solutions are an affordable investment that will have lasting positive impacts on your business profits and your employees’ wellbeing.

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