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What indoor pkv games games were you playing as a child, and that fun games for kids do you still enjoy playing today? Did you also learn some good old-fashioned games from school? Let us know your top old time favorite games for kids so that we can all share them and so can enjoy them as well!

Tape In A Bag is one of my all time favorites. If you throw some bubble wrap on some paper and roll a piece of tape down the length of the bag, it makes a fun way to decorate your kid’s room. Have a kid get the most colorful ones they can, while you get the ones that match the theme of their room or toys. Add some fabric paints and you have an inexpensive but fun way to decorate.

Toss And Try is another one of my favorites for older kids. With a plain piece of clothing pinched between two fingers, any kid can take the plastic bag and create a big ball of air by tossing the clothes against the other side. Make sure you include words such as bounce, tumble, or wall hop in your game so that the kids will want to continue to try to get the ball rolling. You can make the game more fun by making it harder and increasing the size of the ball you throw.

Rainy Day Activities is a fun time saving activity for rainy days. Older kids can take turns being the person who calls out “rainy day”, and each time someone calls out that word, the person who is designated as the caller gets 3 minutes to answer the phone before the next person calls. The person who answers gets a rain check. This is an indoor game that lots of kids have fun with.

One of the best fun games for kids ages three to seven is a guessing game called Ringing Phone. Two or more people sit in a circle so that each player has at least two hands free. The person in charge of the ring has the phone pressed to his or her ear and needs to guess the number in each circle. The person who guesses the right number wins. This is one of the best indoor games because there is nothing else you can do while you wait for the game to end.

Card Games is one of the most popular fun games for kids of all ages. There are so many variations on the traditional game that it is hard to list them all here. You can find card games that work best for girls, boys, both sexes, infants and toddlers, older kids, and teens. In addition to using a standard deck of cards, you can also find decks with different colored jokers, dice, and other accessories. Some kids enjoy playing a card game that is free, while others may want to buy a deck of their own to use later. No matter what type of card game you choose, it will be lots of fun for the whole family.

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