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Online games are among the most popular and fascinating games in the world. Their popularity has increased due to a number of reasons. Most of these games are free to play, which makes them all the more exciting. It is possible for the entire family to enjoy online games together as they play games that are meant for everyone.

There was a research conducted about the relationship between online data sgp games and academic performance of school children. The study was undertaken by a team of researchers headed by Dr. Davidpak, from the Department of Information Systems at the University of Iowa. Dr. Davidpak believed that online games had positive effects on the performance of the respondents and found strong relationships between violent and non-violent games and the levels of academic performance. The study concluded that the results were quite significant. According to the research, there was a significant positive impact on the performance of girls, boys alike.

It was further believed that there was a significant relationship between on-line gaming and violent entertainment and violence towards other humans and animals. Also, it was found out that there was a significant relationship between on-line gaming and aggressive behavior. Moreover, it was seen that children who play on-line games tend to display hostile behavior towards others in the real world. It was also seen that kids who play on-line games tend to display hostile behavior towards animals and other things in the real world. This was compared to kids who did not play on-line games.

An online survey was conducted in which it was found that the participants of the survey did not show much difference in terms of their levels of socialization and academic performance as compared to the kids who did not play on-line games. The reason behind this was that there was no significant difference in terms of verbal interpretation between the two groups of children. The conclusion of the survey implied that there is a negative correlation between on-line games and aggressive behaviors, but this correlation does not reach a conclusive level. Therefore, further research is required to evaluate the impact of playing on-line games on verbal interpretation.

In order to get comprehensive and detailed results, multiple regression analysis would be required. In many instances, there is more than one variable in the model, which is accounted for by at least one set of regression models. It would be quite difficult to evaluate the effects of on-line gaming on academic performance if there are not more than two variables to consider. To make things worse, most of the time we only observe the effect of one or two variables, which accounts for a very small part of the entire sample.

Finally, it was found that there is a significant relationship between on-line games and aggressive behaviors, but this is not significant at the level of significance of t tests. Furthermore, there was also a significant association between on-line games and negative social behavior, which suggests that gamers may be more prone to act aggressively in real life compared with non-gamers. Thus, contrary to previous research, it appears that the relation between on-line games and aggression is not a universal phenomenon, and is actually present only to a certain extent. The present study contributes to our knowledge by suggesting that there is a correlation between on-line games and aggression, but it is still unclear whether these games have specific effects on aggressive behavior.

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