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With the popularity of the Halo series of games, and with the almost instant success of Call of Duty online, it seems that there will be a high demand for a laser tag game on the market at some time. I’m not sure if we’ll ever see one but considering the quality of the official Halo online gun, it’s likely that they will be included in the boxed set when it comes out for Wii, Xbox and other future consoles. Until then, you can play these awesome games using the excellent and fun gun controllers designed by Play-X. They are quite different from the typical controllers we’re used to, with large, circular buttons and stick-ons instead of the traditional triggers and buttons. If you are interested in trying out the cool new toys you can buy Play-X Toys that come with four unique laser gun modes, and a remote control for your personal play.

In the traditional style of the laser gun, you control the machine gun with either the left or right stick. Each of the four groups has a range of distance that it can fire at, and the group will alternate red and green colors. The group can be switched between as you hold down the trigger. A simple twist of the wrist is all that’s necessary to change the groups, and adjust the power output. These toys can also be controlled in a team mode, where each player controls their machine gun by pushing their own stick to the right or left.

The Laser gun toy come in many different styles, with both indoor and outdoor models available. The indoor models are geared towards children who enjoy playing inside, but who aren’t able to go outside to do so. These are typically smaller than the outdoor ones, with fewer features, and not nearly as colorful. They have four action buttons, a D Pad, A, B, and C which activate the machine gun, fire the dart, or adjust the firing rate.

When the Play-X playsets were first introduced, they only had four guns – two for each player, and one control pad. As children became avid users, the company moved the laser gun to a more robust system, and began to add on other features to their machine guns. At present, the Play-X has grown to include eight guns, and two control pads, for four players. They also offer an infrared remote control for each of the eight guns, so that each player can have their own laser gun. The infrared remote, which operates through the use of a small infrared transmitter, is capable of targeting specific areas of the screen, for up to thirty shots at once.

The Play-X laser tag set comes with a battery and charger. Each unit comes with two standard batteries, as well as a rechargeable battery. An optional third battery is available for the infrared laser tag set, which is great for long gaming sessions. Each of the guns in the laser tag set are approximately three inches in length, and about four pounds in weight. The guns are very sturdy, and most kids will be able to handle them, and even use them on a regular basis when playing with their friends.

A few extra attachments for the Play-Xets are available. A lifelike taking pictures sounds attachment is available, which fits onto the top of each of the machines. This makes it possible to use the laser tag blasters with the lifelike photographs, instead of just the normal black and white pictures. An additional tank is also available to add to the lifelike taking pictures sound attachment. In addition to all of the different attachments and tanks, the laser tag blasters have a machine sound and display system, similar to the ones found on the full size versions of the laser tag sets. As with all toy versions of these intense play devices, these attachments are not included with the purchase of this product.

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